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Cobra Clutch – Amanda Testa


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

In the tradition of Magical Realism, Amanda Testa’s painstakingly handcrafted clutches bring the jungle’s most iconographic animals to life in satin, silk and velvet. Weeks in the making, each piece is constructed from scratch and involves a lengthy process of hand cutting, assembling and embroidering textile cut-outs, satin stitching, quilting, construction and finishing. A stained glass window of silky turoquoise, blues and greens, The Cobra’s satin tongue hisses when clutch is both open and closed. Made in very small, limited quantities, these it-bags are fitted with an optional leather shoulder strap, making them especially fit for queens of the concrete jungle.

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Amanda Testa

Amanda Testa is Sydney-based visual artist, designer and expert maker with a background in fashion, jewellery and a special talent for costume. Her debut collection of dreamy, Rousseau-inspired accessories romp along the boundaries between fashion, textile, art and object, laughing as they go. Meet her in our journal.


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