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Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Record-breaking robotic surgery. Clinical trials in their hundres. Integrative, whole person care.  Our long term partner Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is making history in modern medicine.

The Lifehouse is a not-for-profit, integrated cancer treatment centre in Sydney that complements world class surgical, chemotherapy and radiation treatment with professional psychological services.

In our experience, having a strong mind is one of the key determinants to dealing with cancer, and we work specifically to raise funds for the Lifehouse’s psychology and counselling service.


Sorry Thanks I Love You City to Surf Team 2019

With your help, we’ve raised thousands of dollars for Lifehouse’s psychology and counselling service. 

Every Wednesday night we offer a Yoga By Donation class in our Martin Place store to raise money for the Lifehouse.

We also accept gift wrapping donations in our stores for the Lifehouse, which we match dollar for dollar.

In August 2019 the inaugural Sorry Thanks I Love You City to Surf team raised $5000 for Lifehouse by running 14 scenic yet torturous kilometres from Hyde Park to Sydney's Bondi Beach.

As part of our collaboration with Gourmet Traveller in 2017, we commissioned Sydney based artist Allie Webb to create a custom artwork which we raffled via specially created Christmas gift cards, with all proceeds donated directly to Lifehouse. 

Il Caffé 2017, Allie Webb

We’re proud to partner with a world-class organization tackling cancer with such a sophisticated, integrated approach.

You can donate to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse directly by clicking here.

For more information about Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, click here.

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