Iconic Finnish design house Marimekko is all about good times, good design and good vibes. Ever the rebellious Finns, Marimekko have a healthy disdain for fads and instead make things that will be worn and used for generations.

All bright stripes, polka dots, big flowers and geometric patterns, Marimekko has been making wide, technicolour waves in the world of fashion since launching in 1951 with the everyday ‘Mary Dress’.

One of the few companies that designs and manufactures their own fabrics, Marimekko is perhaps most famous for their bold, bright textiles and dresses. But their vitreous porcelain homewares and soft furnishings are now just as coveted.

Marimekko’s shallow glazed bowls, dinner plates by the dozen, perfectly sized coffee cups, crisp linen tea towels and ceramic teapots in pitch-perfect colour palettes are now all available online for the first time. There are serving trays for garden parties and cushions for flopping onto afterwards, as well as a selection of shoulder bags and accessories.

Marimekko’s continuing collection in classic Scandinavian monochrome is complemented by a series of seasonal releases. Inspiration for each collection is varied and plentiful, whether it be long beards, dancing bears and the ancient folk music of the ancient people of Karelia, the patches of silvery cloud and golden sun in a moody Finnish autumn, Pippi Longstockings or a garden of lush overgrown flowers.

For babies, there are striped unisex cotton jumpsuits and miniature beanies and socks in thick cotton - the perfect introduction to Scandi style.

"One has to dream. And one must stand out from the rest," were Marimekko founder Armi Raitaj's famous words at the beginning of her career.

They've been designing and printing their original bold designs in Helsinki since 1951 – and somehow they just keep getting cooler.