The Dinosaur Designs studio is a Willy Wonka-esque labyrinth in Sydney, filled with bright resin delicacies in various intriguing stages of production. The whole place is noisy with the sound of sanders polishing and – everywhere - laughter.

“I think as a designer you can’t help but be influenced by the environment that you work in,” says Dinosaur Designs co-founder Louise Olsen, daughter of iconic Australian painter John Olsen. “It comes through in a sense of light, colour and warmth. Sydney is vibrant and bright like a jewel that looks different on how it catches the light. It’s hard not be influenced by that.”

Since they first established themselves in the 1980's, Dinosaur Designs have designed enormous abstract rugs, glasses for Bombay Sapphire, minutely stylish dolls house furniture, and tutus for the Australian Ballet. They've collaborated with the likes of Paul Smith, Louis Vuitton and even appeared in one of Caroline Herrera's runway shows. But they still make the chunky resin pieces that made them famous when they were just mates at art school.

Astoundingly, Dinosaur Designs release four new collections every year and every single piece is cast, polished and finished by hand in the Strawberry Hills studio.