Bruny Island Cheese

After spending ten years learning his craft from specialist cheesemakers across Europe and the UK, artisan cheese maker Nick Haddow established his own cheese factory on a wild island where shucked oysters cost a dollar: Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Since it was established in 2003, Bruny Island Cheese Company has become something of a cult. Passionate traditionalists, Bruny Island Cheese Company is one of the few companies in Australia making cheese from raw milk, and as such enjoys a feverish following amongst turophiles around the world.

We’ve created custom packs from among the Bruny Island cheese stable in combinations so delicious that they bring real tears to the eye. Our three pack includes a hard cheese made in the French Savoie tradition (Tom), an oozy, surface-ripened cheese (Saint, and a moist cheese washed in pinot noir and wrapped in a vine leaf (Oen). Odo, a young cheese rubbed in olive oil and herbs, and Otto, a cow's milk cheese wrapped in locally-made prosciutto, are added to make up the five pack along with a jar of spiced cherries marinated in Pinot Noir for a bit of extra kick.

Tom is also available by the wheel, because we think the proper way to eat cheese is to carve off a chunk with a knife after dinner. For new mothers there’s a custom designed hamper to help celebrate the end of a pregnancy. (Think raw milk and soft cheeses washed in pinot noir.)

Bruny Island cheese comes via refrigerated delivery in a specially designed cool box. They're normally freighted within 24 hours (except Fridays, because it would sit in a freight terminal all weekend) and are delivered straight to your door. Delivery is included and each cheese is gift wrapped by hand.

These are hands-down the best cheeses in the country right now.