Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy is a small, Melbourne-based studio split between Bells Beach and Fitzroy, with a deep concern for improving the way we carry our stuff. It’s headed by ex-Rip Curl designer, wallet obsessive, and expert billycart builder Andy Fallshaw – a guy who eats smart design for breakfast.

The Bellroy range is small and carefully thought out, and consists of ingenious, svelte wallets and clever phone cases.

The Bellroy note sleeve wallet is made from supple, vegetable-tanned cow leather stores bills flat and has a sneaky pull tab for cards that are used less often. Made from supple, vegetable-tanned cow leather, it's a love letter to your jeans pocket.

The Bellroy travel wallet is big enough to flat pack your passports, tickets, and all the major currencies, but streamlined enough to make all this look quite stylish. It has four quick access slots and a tiny pen – perfect for filling out quarantine cards at LAX or, preferably, taking down the number of your travel companion.

The first ever Bellroy phone case is made from flexible polycarbonate covered in a smooth full grain leather and incorporates the same intuitive design principles as their extraordinarily thin wallets.

Using reinforced stitching and fine grain leather, Bellroy wallets are smooth, smart and designed to outlive their owners.