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Botanical Signature Ruby Elixir Tea



Asako Takada’s skincare line and herbal tea range have both been developed with an obsessive attention to balance. Unashamedly pink, the Ruby Elixir tea combines toxin-cleansing rosehips and petals, cinnamon for spice and blood circulation, and a touch of crisp apple in a concoction that’s both sweet and astringent. Rich in Vitamin C and 100% organic, it’s especially delicious poured over a glass full of ice and crammed with torn mint, and served poolside at high noon.

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Botanical Signature

A scholar of medical aromatherapy and Ayurveda, Asako Takado is committed to creating organic, safe, down-to-earth skincare and herbal teas that cleanse from the inside out.  Meet her in our journal.


Gift wrapped
50 grams


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