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Moroccan Mint Tea

Hand blended tea from The Seventh Duchess

Marrakesh Souk

All lush green leaves and minty hot steam, The Seventh Duchess' Marrakesh Souk is a lavish, garden-fresh tea blended by hand in the ancient North African tradition. It's equally delicious drunk Moroccan-style with a heavy dose of rock sugar and a garnish of fresh mint, or served ice cold in tiny, chilled glasses. A quenching combination of gunpowder green tea, peppermint and spearmint, this tea is both opulent and restorative.

The Seventh Duchess

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Two hundred years ago, no one knew more about mysterious far eastern blends than the Seventh Duchess of Bedford who instated tea parties as a high society afternoon ritual. Blended in Australia, today's Seventh Duchess range is a rejuvenation of this tradition. Ideally accompanied by a chicken sandwich, it's real tea that's made for afternoon lingering.


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