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French Earl Grey Tea - The Seventh Duchess

Hand blended tea from The Seventh Duchess

Mon Amour

This rich, aromatic tea is so intense that it will feel like your first ever cup. Sri Lankan long leaf tea is balanced with natural bergamot and actual cornflower and mallowflower petals, so that it looks like confetti and tastes like a proper tea party should. Every other pot of tea you've drunk will blush with embarrassment.  Brace yourself for an addiction.

The Seventh Duchess

More Info

Two hundred years ago, no one knew more about mysterious far eastern blends than the Seventh Duchess of Bedford - who instated tea parties as a high society afternoon ritual. Blended in Australia, today's Seventh Duchess range is a rejuvenation of this tradition. Ideally accompanied by a chicken sandwich, it's real tea that's made for afternoon lingering.


Size 100g
Gift wrapped
Tea bags

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