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Cacao Rose Tea - The Husk Mill


Turkish Delight

Made primarily from cacao husks, which are traditionally considered a waste product, The Husk Mill’s cacao rose is blended with shredded vanilla, organic rose petals and stevia to create a concoction that smells overwhelmingly like a cup of steaming Turkish Delight but tastes smooth and light.  If comfort had a scent, this would be it.

The Husk Mill

More Info

The Husk Mill was born when Sydney based best friends Elaina and Cherylea decided they weren’t going to let an auto immune disease diagnosis get in the way of their passion for tea and chocolate. Made from Australian grown cacao husks, The Husk Mill teas are blended by hand in Newtown and are completely caffeine, preservative and additive free. Meet the makers in our journal.

Serving Directions

Steep 1 tablespoon for 6-8 minutes (depending on desired strength) at 100°C. Serve hot or cold with a splash of milk if desired.


Gift wrapped
100% vegan


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