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Lot 90 Cognac XO – Tesseron

Small miracles

Yakkedy Yak

 In a twist of fate that can only be described as devastating, the pleasures of cognac have been largely denied to modern drinkers - many of whom have instead been distracted by fashionable whiskies, coffee-infused tequilas, and, somewhat inexplicably, absinthe. But as soon as one tastes this glorious, twice distilled French brandy, everything changes. Aged in oak barrels for an average of 15 years, Tesseron’s fruity, impossibly golden Lot 90 XO cognac is history bottled.  The primary producer for Hennessy and Remy Martin, Tesseron only recently began to release small quantities of their own cognac – and were rewarded with critic Robert Parker’s first and only 100 point score.  With an aroma that conjures crème brulee and enchanted forests, and a flavour that incites a quiet, joyful whimpering, this is the ultimate happy-ending cognac and the world's best thank you.

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Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther

The winner of the Judy Hirst award for creating Australia’s wine list of the year, Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther is one of only three Australians to hold this prestigious title and has snared the coveted position of Head Sommelier at Sydney’s Rockpool to boot. His focus for Sorry Thanks I Love You is on sourcing new and emerging wines and spirits from small artisanal producers around the world.


40% ABV

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