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Kizan Sanban Sake - Chikuma Nishiki


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Perhaps because there’s no better accompaniment for caviar, sashimi or oysters, sake is no longer purely the domain of Japanophiles and intolerable wine nerds.  Direct from the alps of Nagano, Chikuma Nishiki’s unfermented sake is like a French champagne for the uninitiated: fresh, light hearted and completely beguiling.  The most delicately flavoured and sought-after of all sakes, Kinzan Sanban is a ginjo sake made from riced polished down to 55% of its original size and combines a rich, citrusy palate with a heady aroma.  It has been chosen especially by Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther and comes from a kura that has been brewing sake since 1681.  Serve it chilled and drink it slowly. 

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Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther

The winner of the Judy Hirst award for creating Australia’s wine list of the year, Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther is one of only three Australians to hold this prestigious title, and has snared the coveted position of Head Sommelier at Sydney’s Rockpool to boot.... all before he's turned 30. His focus for Sorry Thanks I Love You is on sourcing new and emerging spirits and wines from around the world. Meet Sebastian on our blog.


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15% ABV

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