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Perle De Nacre Champagne - Vincent Couche

Chosen by Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther


The glamour of grower champagne has only heightened as centuries have passed, but young French wine making gun Vincent Couche is not one to ride on the silk-lined coat tails of his region’s tradition.  He is committed to organic practices because his preference is for terroir over formula and nowhere is this clearer than in his Perle de Nacre champagne.  Literally 'mother of pearl', this organic blanc de blanc has been cellared for six years and its flavour has been described as akin to apples, pears and even a Viennese pastry.  The bottle is best opened and left on ice for 20 minutes before being drunk and served in wide-brimmed champagne saucers to allow its disciples to taste every year of its maturity.  There’s nothing else like it in the world.  Just ask a Master Sommelier.

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Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther

The winner of the Judy Hirst award for creating Australia’s wine list of the year, Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther is one of only three Australians to hold this prestigious title and has snared the coveted position of Head Sommelier at Sydney’s Rockpool to boot. His focus for Sorry Thanks I Love You is on sourcing new and emerging artisanal wines from around the world. Meet Sebastian on our blog.


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