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Salvador Kokeshi Doll - Lucie Kaas

Modern heroes

Mr Dali

There are two kinds of new parents: those who don’t find their interest in gingham and frills inexplicably intensifying, and those who do.  In a nod to those in the former camp, Lucie Kaas has created a fleet of modern heroes for the nursery shelves.   These handpainted souls make sophisticated tea party guests or can be enjoyed purely for their looks - just like their real life namesakes were.  The three little pigs couldn’t be in better company. 

Lucie Kaas

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While Danish designer Lucie Kaas is best known for reinvigorating some of Scandinavia’s most famous mid century designs, this collaboration with Sketch Inc has made her famous with a new, more discerning audience below knee height. Meet the makers in our journal.


Gift wrapped
12.5cm tall

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