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Woodpecker Pants - Waddler

Run wild

Tiny Royalty

Winter means alpaca wool pantaloons with capacious pockets and hand knitted pleats.  These miniature pants are the work of a team of Bolivian craftsmen who revere the alpaca for once clothing the Inca kings, and whose spinning and knitting skills have been handed down to them by their forebears.


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From a tiny tropical island off the coast of Brazil in a house they built themselves, Philip and his wife Marina run their miniature clothing brand using Bolivian alpaca wool and fur, Peruvian Pima cotton, a team of knitters in the Andes and their sunkissed children as models. Inspired by their wild, bareback horse-riding and empanada-feasting filled days and firefly-filled nights, they make clothes designed to be handed down the generations and kept forever. Meet them on our blog.


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