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Astier de Villatte Splash Orange Amère

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Astier de Villate’s ‘Splash’ is instant summer.  All bitter Brazilian orange, Carribean bergamot, oak, moss and a shake of spice, this eau de cologne appeals to the olfactory sensibilities of sun-lovers of both genders.  This concoction is the work of Karl Largerfeld’s perfumer of choice: Christophe Raynaud.

Directions for use

The more sophisticated sister of the ‘spray-and-go’ eau de parfum, eau de colognes have a complex scent profile and a shorter life on the skin, and are designed to as ‘refreshers’ to be applied at multiple intervals throughout the day.  Apply generously as your wardrobe’s finishing touch before leaving the house, to freshen up after lunch, or just before bed for extra-citrussy dreams.


More Info

Astier de Villatte

With a penchant for archaeology and nostalgia, and an unspoken mantra of ‘handmade in Paris’, you’d be forgiven for assuming that French lifestyle brand Astier de Villatte is as old as its collaborators. Most famous for the iconic, chalky white-glazed black terracotta ceramic stashed in delicious towers in their tiny boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré, Astier de Villatte now produce borosilicate glassware, titanium cutlery, gilt-edged notebooks and some of the best eau de colognes in the world. 


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Eau de cologne
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